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Ensuring better life

Aathmika Foundation endeavours to bring awareness, empowerment, dignity and sense of inclusion among persons with disabilities and elders. As an advocacy group, we impress to bring the policies of Government into action in the field of ageing, disabilities, health, nutrition and sanitation. We also provide support and services to other NGOs and civil societies as an endeavour to help them achieve their avowed humanitarian commitments.

Aimed to achieve national goals in the field of disability, ageing, health, nutrition and sanitation, the trust strive for the welfare of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and Elders, such as-

  • Improving their plight by prevention, early detection, intervention, basic education, vocational training and skill development for their capacity building and employability, and social integration.
  • Creating barrier-free and enabling environment that provides them equal opportunities and full participation in society.
  • Improving health, hygiene and nutritional status of community, and prevention, treatment and relief from sickness of people by medical awareness programmes, social counselling, and establishing institutions for treatment, health services and medical research and teaching.
  • Advocacy with the policy makers for better policy formulation and implementation.

Fields of Activities

We undertake programmes and services in following areas of activities:

  • Education
  • Disability
  • Health
  • Sanitation


Based on many years of experience, Aathmika Foundation believes that the sustainable development of disadvantaged communities can only be achieved if children's best interests are kept at the heart of everything we do and if children themselves actively participate in the process. Child centred community development is the term we use to describe how we aim to do our development work. It is a rights based approach to development where we support communities to develop the structures and skills they need to provide a safe and healthy environment in which children are able to realise their full potential.


Prevention And Detection Of Disability

  • 1. Undertake surveys, investigations, and researches concerning the causes and occurrence of disability;
  • 2. Promote various methods of preventing disabilities
  • 3. Provide facilities for training to the volunteers and willing members of society in field of prevention of such disabilities;
  • 4. Sponsor awareness campaign and disseminate information for cause and effects of the disability, and programmes and policies of Govt.


The Trust undertakes the activities for advancement of health, hygiene and nutrition of community, and prevention, treatment and relief from sickness of people through awareness programmes, social counselling, and establishing institutions for treatment, health services and medical research and teaching.

  • • Collect, organize, update, disseminate and publish information about health and diseases, and undertake programme, demonstration and training for generating mass awareness in the field of health, hygiene and nutrition;
  • • Foster, initiate, undertake, provide, and assist an institution or community or individual in arranging medical survey, research, training, guidance, counselling, consultation and evaluation of community health and nutritional status;
  • • Print, publish, and exhibit any book, pamphlets or posters useful for the public to know about the importance of health and care of oneself to avoid ill health, sickness, and disability etc;
  • • Conduct seminars, symposia, conferences by inviting well known doctors and scientists from national and international organization in India and abroad;
  • • Save community from medical malpractices, misguiding advertisements and arbitrary pricing of medicines, medical services, or equipments and the matters related to.
  • • Establish, maintain, assist and encourage to run the institutions/ or camps/ or hospitals, as and when deemed proper and expedient, for the purpose of medical relief and treatment;
  • • Make provision for education and training of medical students and nurses and manage suitable educational institution(s) for the purpose to conduct research, health promotion experiments and develop learning techniques in any/all branches of medical education through establishment of training centres;
  • • Provide, establish, endow & furnish with instruments and other equipments, and appoint/ hire the services of the personnel to run, maintain and manage hospital(s) for the treatment of patients;
  • • Procure the services of doctors, surgeons or medical practitioners including Vaidyas Hakims, Nurses, Assistants, Lay-workers, attendants and servants either for remuneration, gratuitously or in honorary capacity;
  • • Provide accommodation for the treatment and care of all such patients and to provide facilities for medical or surgical attendance, nursing, food, medicine and all other things and appliance of medical, surgical dietetic and sanitary character.
  • • Manufacture, market or trade the products and services related to health and nutrition such as medicine, disposables, nutritional supplements, herbal products, beauty & well being products, medical and surgical equipments, awareness products, yoga practices and physiotherapy, and any other product and services related to.